VSI high performance segmented v-ball valve with electric actuator

Finally, A Solution That Makes Sense!

High pressure, hot water, steam and even chilled water, the VSI high-performance segmented V-ball valve can handle it all

  • Available in a stainless steel or a standard carbon steel body
  • Able to service up to 125psi steam
  • Available in sizes 1 through 12 inches

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The VSI Benefits

VSI Series V Ball Valves


To reduce headaches and simplify installation, the Series V segmented control valve is available with either a flangeless wafer style body with NPT threads or an integral double flange body. With lay lengths conforming to common industry standards the Series V can be used to easily replace other valves including obsolete linear globe valves

Designed for Automation

The Series V, from design brief to over 10 years of production, has been designed specifically for automation of all varieties in HVAC control applications. The standard mounting plate for actuators and square or double-D type shafts allow mounting of all VSI or third party actuators
to meet any project requirement. The single seat design and offset actuation of the valve ensure low operating torque allowing for a more broad and cost effective choice of automation. Special configurations such as 3-way assemblies, spring return actuators, or explosion proof accommodations are available through Valve Solutions or your Authorized Reseller. VSI V-ball valves VSI V-Ball Valve

Easy Inspection and Service

With an in-line replaceable packing and a seat that only requires simple hand tools to replace, the Series V is designed to ensure that the valve lasts for the life of the system with little or no downtime.

The heavy duty TFM seat and stainless backup ring can be removed and inspected by removing as little as two screws then pulling them from the body by hand. For double flanged and NPT installations a full seat replacement can be preformed with the valve in-line by removing an upstream pipe segment or fitting.

A self adjusting spring loaded set of PTFE packing rings requires no preventative maintenance. Packing replacements are a painless affair, with the available packing service kit containing all necessary parts including the packing rings, o-rings, and even the spanner wrench for the packing gland. A complete packing replacement can be preformed with the valve remaining in the line, and without draining the line in most cases.

Characterized Flow

The characterized “V” port type notched ball of the Series V is designed to provide a modified equal percentage flow
curve. This flow characterization matches well in coil and temperature control applications, both modern and as retrofit for obsolete or damaged control valves such as globe valves. The high 300:1 turn down rangeability ensure that each valve can be used for flow control over essentially its entire range of travel with minimal cavitation and noise.

Designers utilizing the Series V are able to create systems with wider swings in flow than traditional control valves while still maintaining the accuracy required by modern building automation packages.

VSI V-ball valve

Design Standards

Size Range1”-2” Wafer Flanged CL150/CL300 & NPT
3”-12” Double Flanged
ConnectionsANSI B16.1 Class 125/ANSI B16.5 Class 150
ANSI B16.1 Class 250/ANSI B16.5 Class 300
National Pipe Thread (NPT) ANSI/ASME 1.20.1
Lay LengthASME B16.10 (1”-6”)
ISA S75.08.02 (8”-12”)
LeakageANSI FCI 70-2 Class VI
ShutoffMaximum Allowable 250psig CWP
Temperature-10° F to 450° F
Maximum Allowable 150psig Steam (365° F)
VelocityLiquid: 20 ft/s controllable, 40 ft/s max at open
Steam: 150 ft/s controllable, 300 ft/s max at open
FlowModified Equal Percentage Characteristics
300:1 Turn Down Ratio
Ball Rotation90 degrees, clockwise close
Bonnet IISO 5221
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