Moniteur Series 40/41 Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Positioners

A Solid Workhorse You Can Depend On For Consistent, Reliable Control

Moniteur’s Series 40 Pneumatic (3-15psi) and Series 41 Electro-Pneumatic (4-20mA) positioners are advanced control devices which provide unparalleled stability in difficult environments.

  • Rugged Aluminum Housing with a triple corrosion-resistant interior and exterior coating stands up to harsh environments
  • Reduced Bleed Pilot Valve reduces air consumption by more than 50%
  • No Spool Valves are used for air delivery, improving resistance to dirty plant air
  • Unique Magnetic 4-20 mA I/P automatically compensates for supply pressure, atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature changes, and is unaffected by EMF.  The vibration resistant design has no resonance effects from 5-200Hz
  • Precise Calibration with simple SPAN and ZERO adjustments.
  • Precision Zero-Hysteresis Coupling System for NAMUR actuators provides superior accuracy and repeatability by eliminating “slop”.
  • Stainless Steel Gauges Standard
  • Optional Limit Switches and 4-20mA Feedback
  • Each Positoner Performance Tested – Test results included in the box with each positioner guarantee consistent performance.


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