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Valve Solutions, Inc. (VSI) was founded in 1995 in Alpharetta, GA and manufactures valves and actuators for the Commercial and Industrial markets. VSI also provides automated valve packages to some of the largest controls companies in the world. VSI Waterworks, our sister company manufactures AWWA valves for the Municipal markets.

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VSI boasts a wide range of valve and actuator combinations to suit many different applications.  Many of our valves feature ISO 5211 mounting to accommodate a wide range of actuators. From ½” brass ball valves (VSI Series ES) to 12” high performance segmented ball valves (VSI V-Ball), VSI valves can be paired with virtually any actuator on the market.


VSI has carried extensive and broad ranging valve types for over 20 years. Our flagship valve, the VSI Series 2100 resilient seated butterfly valve, has been used in countless commercial heating and air conditioning applications including chilled water, makeup water, and other water applications. VSI’s versatile segmented ball valve (VSI V-Ball) can easily replace old and outdated linear globe valves.

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The series 1000-X has been VSI’s most popular actuator for years and for good reason. Available in floating or modulating service, the series 1000-X is designed to be the most robust, space efficient, and easy to install package possible. With 8 unit sizes from 443inlbs all the way to 22,127inlbs the Series 1000-X is the perfect solution to most valve actuation applications.


VSI boasts an extensive array of accessories for many different types of valve assemblies. From explosion proof limit switches to gear operators for 24” butterfly valves, we have it all. Although you might not see your particular accessory on our website, VSI has countless vendors around the country in order to fill any need our customers may have.

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