3 Way Butterfly Valve with Series 1000/S-X Modulating Actuator (100 PSI)

Three-way butterfly valves are the ultimate solution for large flows in diverting or mixing applications. The VSI 3 way actuated butterfly valve assemblies are available from sizes 2″ all the way to 30″, automated with your choice of many automation solutions.  Among the solutions VSI offers is electric or pneumatic in non-spring return double acting or spring return configurations.

Many other custom 3 way automated butterfly valve assembly options are available to fit your requirements.

3 way butterfly valves offer an elegant solution to any situation where an affordable 3 way control valve is required.  The economy of size has a major impact on other 3 way valves such as ball or globe type valves when sizes exceed 4″ NPS.

The manufacturing costs, operating torques, and thus cost to automate these traditional 3 way valves push designers to instead try to utilize other piping solutions like individual 2 way valves.

Individual 2 way valves have their own drawbacks such as increased installation and wiring costs and the possibility of critical backflow or mixing failure if one or more of the individual valves encounters a failure.

Unlike these traditional 3 way valves or multiple 2 way valves the solution of a 3 way butterfly valve allows designers to design large flow diverting or mixing applications in a single durable package.

3 Way Butterfly Valves

The Series 2100 butterfly valve is available in full cut (200 PSI close off) and undercut (100 PSI close off.)  VSI Series 2100 butterfly valves have proven to be the most versatile design standard in the building and process control industries. Available as a tested package with a wide range of electric and pneumatic actuators and accessories to fit any application.

Standard features include:

  • Ductile iron body
  • SS 304 disc
  • EPDM seat
  • 100/200 PSI close off
  • Sizes 2″ to 30″

Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X Electric Actuators

VSI Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X electric actuators use proven technology to provide reliable valve and damper automation.

These electric actuators are available in many control configurations including open/close service and modulating position control.

With a deadband adjustable down to 0.5% and an 80% duty cycle, modulating service Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X actuators provide accurate dependable automation packages.


Product Documentation

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