Electric Actuators (Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X )

VSI Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X Electric Actuator use proven technology to provide reliable valve and damper automation. They are available in many control configurations including open/close service and modulating position control. With a deadband adjustable down to 0.5% and an 80% duty cycle modulating service, Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X actuators provide accurate dependable automation packages.


The Series 1000-X actuator is designed to be the most robust, space efficient, and easy to install package possible.  The compact enclosure minimizes interference problems common in modern piping and control rooms.

The actuator base conforms to international standards, and female drive allows the direct mounting on most valves without expensive and space hogging custom brackets.

The heavy die cast aluminum alloy housing with large cooling fins ensure a life span that will exceed that of most valves.

An Actuator For Every Application

With 8 unit sizes from 443inlbs all the way to 22,127inlbs the Series 1000-X is the perfect solution to most valve actuation applications or other automation such as dampers.

Everything from 1/4″ ball valves all the way to 24″ or larger butterfly valves can easily be automated with the Series 1000-X. The NEMA 4X housing can be used in control rooms or exposed to harsh sunlight and driving rain on building rooftops. Infrequently operated or typical isolation valves can use the economical open/close units while flow control applications operating at duty cycles of up to 80% are easily handled with the servo controlled modulating option.

Every application is different, and VSI or your authorized reseller are here to help you with an actuator to fit your needs. The Series 1000-X is available with simple options such as auxiliary limit switches all the way to project specific accommodations such as local controls, prewired cable connectors, battery backups, or special linkages for installations such as 3-way butterfly valves.

We can help you find your Valve Solution.

For complete details, please download our Series 1000-X and 1000/S-X Electric Actuator product brochure.


Product Documentation

Document TypeDownload
Actuator Product BrochureDownload PDF
Actuator Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual (1000-X)Download PDF
Actuator Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual (1000/S-X)Download PDF

Additional Product Information

  • Torque Output Range: 443 in-lb to 22,127 in-lb.
  • Housing: NEMA 4 / 4X watertight, corrosion-resistant, powder coated, robust die cast aluminum.
  • Mounting: ISO 5211 Standard mounting configurations.
  • Electric Motor: 120VAC, single phase, 60Hz totally enclosed, non-ventilated, high starting torque, reversible induction type, Class F insulation.
  • Thermal Overload Motor Protection: Auto reset thermal switch embedded in the motor winding – trips when the maximum winding temperature is exceeded.
  • Auxiliary Limit Switches: 2 x SPDT for Open and Close travel limit – easily adjustable, cam operated.
  • Position Indicator: Mechanical dome type with visible red/yellow closed/open indicator.
  • Terminal Strip: Refer to wiring diagrams for details.
  • Conduit Entries: 2 x 1/2” NPT for power and control wiring.
  • Power Gears: Alloy steel spur gears to final stage aluminum bronze worm sector gear.
  • Motor Brake: An electro-mechanical brake is NOT required. The worm gear drive prevents back driving and hunting.
  • Bearings: High quality alloy steel sleeve and ball bearings.
  • Manual Override: Allen Handle or optional Handwheel.
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -31°F to +150°F.
  • Certification and Approvals: CE, NEMA 4 / 4X, NRTL, CSA File 226201.
  • Internal Heater: Prevents condensation buildup inside of the actuator.
  • Manual Override Power Switch: Disconnects power from the actuator without the need to disconnect power from the terminals or the panel. Not available on 1005-X or any of the 24VAC models.
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