Direct Acting Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Actuator (Series SF)

The Series SF actuators incorporate over three stages of internal and external coatings to resist severe weather, chemical and petroleum environments.

The Series SF actuators valve interface meets ISO standards, and meets the dimensional requirements of ISO defined for each torque range.

O-Rings are all fitted bodies, caps and joints to prevent water ingress.

The guide rod and piston rod have and advanced surface treatment, which combined with self-lubricating bearings, provides superior wear resistance and extends the life of all sliding components.


Product Documentation

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Additional Product Information

  • NUMAR accessory mount.
  • PTFE guide bar.  Prevents yoke pin axial movement, transferring axial loads directly to the drive module case.
  • Thrust Bearing.  Connects the piston rod with the guide block, compensating for side load deflection and reducing wear on the rod, bearings and seals.
  • Roller.  Reduce the friction between the yoke arm and pin, minimizing the wear of the yoke arm and pin.
  • PTFE guide ring.  Prevents metal to metal contact with the cylinder bore.
  • Replaceable Bearings.  Protect sliding and rotating components, with suitability for either dry or lubricated working conditions.
  • Integral Housing Vent.  The main actuator housing incorporates and integral check valve in order to release over pressure.
  • 80°~100° Travel Stops.  Bi-directional travel stops that allow for 80°-100° total travel
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