FlowCon SM Pressure Independent Control Valves

FlowCon SM pressure independent control valves combine a balancing valve & control valve into one, accurately maintaining flow control regardless of pressure fluctuations in the system.

Common Applications or Equipment: Office buildings, prisons, hospitals, labs, computer centers and hi tech manufacturing


Product Documentation

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Valve Product BrochureDownload PDF
Actuator Product BrochureDownload PDF
Griswold Flowcon SM PIC-V 2 to 10 IOMDownload PDF

Additional Product Information

  • Pressure independent flow control.
  • Total valve authority.
  • User friendly touch panel on actuator for selection of flow, control input etc. (optional on SM DN15-40).
  • Save time and labor; installation and adjustment of balancing valves are eliminated.
  • Kv sizing calulations and problems are eliminated; each valve is adjustable to 51 different maximum flow rate settings.
  • Feedback signal provides information of current valve position, which can be converted to flow rate.
  • Optional fail-safe power storage feature, which opens or closes the valve in case external power supply fails.
  • Continuously displaying flow rate – and scrolling other actuator information (optional on SM DN15-40).
  • Actuator is suitable for electrical modulating, 3-point floating or 2 position signals.
  • Pressure/temperature measurement plugs for verifying operating pressure differential range or checking ΔT across the coil.
  • Double union end or flange connection for ease of installation.
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