Replaceable Seat Butterfly Valve (Series 2200)

VSI Series 2200 replaceable seat butterfly valves have proven to be the most versatile design standard in the building and process control industries.

Available as a tested package with a wide range of electric and pneumatic actuators and accessories to fit any application.

Our Series 2200 butterfly valves range in sizes from 2 to 12 inches.  Contact us at 770-740-0800 for more details.

For complete details, please download our Series 2200 Butterfly Valve product brochure.

For more information, please check the Documentation tab below or send us an email. If you prefer to speak with one of our engineers, please call 770-740-0800.


Product Documentation

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Valve Product BrochureDownload PDF

Additional Product Information

Common applications:

  • Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Wastewater & Water Treatment
  • Seawater/Desalination
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Pulp & Paper Processing

Stem design: Single piece shaft can be removed to service valve with no special tools required.
Top flange: Conforms to ISO 5211 for the mounting of a wide range of actuators, levers and gear operators.
One piece shaft: Maintains accurate disc position. The shaft is secured to disc with an accurately machined square broach – there are no shaft pins to create leakage paths or corrosion points.
Resilient seat surface: Extends past valve face to eliminates the need for gaskets on flanges.
Bi-directional secured seat: Seat is field replaceable, bi-directional and suitable for dead end service at the full rated pressure
Bushings: Five separate bushings provide correct alignment of shaft through the body and reduces operating torque.
Stem seal: Stem is sealed by two separate o-rings and an integral seal in the seat to ensure no external leakage for the life of the valve.
Disc edge: Smooth finished disc edge provides superior seal, reduces valve torque and provides bubble tight shutoff.

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