High Performance Segmented Ball Valve with Series L Low Pressure Actuator

VSI Series V High Performance Ball Valve

VSI high performance segmented ball valve can accommodate a wide range of applications.

The high performance segmented ball valve, or V-ball, is available in a stainless steel body or a standard carbon steel body and able to service up to 125psi steam. The V-ball is available in sizes 1 through 12 inches.

From high pressure, hot water, steam and even chilled water, the VSI V-ball valve can handle it all.

Its high resolution and high capacity make it ideal for replacing older globe valve technology.

Series L Low Pressure Pneumatic Actuators

The Series L is VSI low pressure option for pneumatic applications.

Users who have air supply between 20-30psi should turn to the series L pneumatic actuators.

This actuator is available in an on/off version and can modulate with the addition of a pilot positioner.

Please contact VSI for additional information on how the Series L might be right for you.


Product Documentation

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Submittal Document (Modulating)Download PDF
Submittal Document (2 Position)Download PDF
Valve Product BrochureDownload PDF
Actuator Product BrochureDownload PDF
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